Warship Simulator - Battle of Ships

Warship Simulator - Battle of Ships
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Warship Simulator : battle of ships is a game where you can become a real captain of a warship. Hard naval battles are waiting for you, enjoy realistic simulation and win the battles.


  • New generation Patrol Ships
  • Cruisers
  • Helicopter carriers

Then upgrade your ship controls, strength, engine and armory. Controls and engine are important so you can do strategic maneuvers and strength and armory are for hard battles with warships and submarines.

Game includes real naval battle simulation where you choose size of your team (ally warships) and enemy army size, then one of 6 environments and start the battle.

Also try free mode - explore the naval territories and islands of ocean. Enjoy the simulation of the naval environment of high quality! But do not forget to be careful: enemy warships and submarines can appear and you will need to fight against them.

Enemy ships:

  • Patrol ships of the new generation
  • Cruisers
  • Helicopter carriers

Enemy submarines:

  • Akula Typhoon 941
  • Kilo Class
  • US Ohio Class

Game includes wide range of weapons. So this is not just another warship simulator, its a game where you will try all weapons which modern warships have:

On water weapons:

  • Artillery guns
  • Ballistic missles

Underwater weapons:

  • Torpedo
  • Smart torpedo
Visual Effects
Sound Effects
Realistic Environments
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