Flight Sim : Plane Pilot 2

Flight Sim : Plane Pilot 2
installs: 500.000+

FREE WORLD - best open world flight simulation with contracts, buying home positions, saving at different home positions, earning money like real pilots do.

TEST DRIVE - try any airplane you want to feel how each of them works, what is different in parameters and physics.

TRAINING - our training course will teach you how to control airplane. You will learn how to do a takeoff, how to do flight maneuvers, how to do an excellent landing with different airplanes and jets.

MISSIONS - flight simulator includes various missions where you can check your pilot skills + earn money. You need to pass checkpoints, far checkpoint circles, do landings. Completing flight missions you will earn money. Show your plane pilot skills in action!

To give the best flight simulation experience we have developed real day time system for you. So you will get real morning, day, evening and night feeling. Also you will get a weather - wind system. Islands are unique: winter snow island, desert island with name Colorado, tropic islands, rocky islands and more.

Visual Effects
Sound Effects
Realistic Environments
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